Modular Clean Rooms

Modular Clean Rooms

We are providing the

  • Wall Partition System [Progressive / Non-Progressive Type]

Modular panels for clean rooms, both single and dual-flush mountings, come with customized technical features. Type of materials, coating, and forms used differently, depending on the requirements of the project. Expert advice concerning the specifics of the modular panels for your clean room is indispensable.

Technical specification- Clean Room Wall panels both sides  0.5 mm thick Pre painted GI sheet color RAL 9002  with non-exposed PUF of 40 kg/m3 GI profile. Panel Thickness 50 mm / 80 mm

  • Modular Ceiling Panels

Ceilings are walkable made with the same panel or with a pharma-grade panel but with exactly the same aspect. Lighting fixtures and HEPA filters are completely integrated with the ceiling panels with access from the top. Our ceilings are supplied with the complete stainless steel fittings to hang it to your building.

Technical specification- Clean Room Ceiling Panels both sides  0.5 mm thick Pre painted GI sheet colour RAL 9002  with non exposed PUF of 40 kg/m3 GI profile. Panel Thickness 50 mm.

  • Riser panel

We are supplying Cleanroom Riser Wall Panel PUF density 38 Kgs/mtr3. Colour RAL 9002. Both side PPGI, thickness 0.5mm. Panel thickness 80mm & GI Damper for Riser, Aluminium Filter for Riser with all accessories.

  • Clean Room Finishes

Clean room finishes like , Aluminium 3D corner, Flashing , Connecting profile , Ceiling Support, PVC Condute , Aluminium coving

  • Epoxy Flooring

WINTAGE IMPEX offer various system including types epoxy like flooring epoxy. The floor track allows a recess flush with all face of the clean room wall panel etc.

  • PVC Vinyl Flooring

Cleanroom vinyl flooring can be supplied and installed, Vinyl seams are heat welded, provided an impervious vinyl flooring type (i.e. static dissipative, conductive, and chemical resistant etc.)

  • Coving

At Wintage impex providing or supply the Aluminium coving and epoxy coving.

  • Modular Clean room doors

Like modular panels, doors play a key role in the preservation of your cleanroom’s specific environment. Cleanroom doors come in various models: swinging, sliding, single or dual-flush, roll-up, or airtight. Even if the basic function for each of these models remains the same, their differences offer a new perspective in terms of ergonomics and layout. Security, access control, and automatic options are also available for our cleanroom doors.

  • Single & Double leaf Door

Single or double leaves thickness 40mm. Airproof assembly. Monobloc doorframe. Air-tightness with static sealant EPDM on 4 sides. Made of lacquered paint on epoxy steel sheet or stainless steel 304. View panel in single or double leaves thickness 40mm. Rockwool core. An optimal sliding characteristic due to the coordinated profile of the roller and track makes it the best fit for high-frequented areas. Standard single leaf is 1200mm x 2100mm, double is 2400mm x 2100mm.

  • Air tight door

Single leaf thicknesses 60mm flush both sides. Airproof assembly type doors leaf with welded corners. Integral door frame 4 sides solution with no need for a floor threshold. Finish in steel sheet lacquered or stainless steel. Available in a range of sizes or to suit specific requirements. Double flush view panel 450 mm x 600 mm ,

  • Swing Door

The range SBC 40-50-60 ensures tightness and maintains barrier integrity even in containment applications: Clean rooms (ISO 3 to 8), Hospital. We have taken the benefit and functionality of steel sheet lacquered door with flush finish and no visible fixings to make a very good quality door. “Excellent finish and appearance”.

  • Decontamination Airlock

Our concept is using a device with high-level air-tightness that propels the liquid of decontamination as a fog, thus ensuring uniform and rapid action on all the surfaces of the premises to be treated. The fumigation is an integrated through the wall transfer device for material transfers between different classifications. (Bio-confinement, ISO classes) Standard clear opening: 1500 X 2200 X 2500 mm